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Trevor Newman grew up in London, studied fine art at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and then Sunderland University where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree. He has lived in New Zealand for the past 20 years and is currently studying for his Master of Fine Art at Elam.

David Bowie was the artist that represented the transformative time of change that was Newman's formative experience, moving from an analogue to digital world. Returning to Bowie’s music in depth, Newman formed an interest in his working methods and Bowie's openness to experimentation and change. The layering of noise, multi-tracking and the build up of a ‘wall of sound’, pioneered by Phil Spector in America and Joe Meek in Britain in the 1960s provide much of the inspiration for Newman's work. This is the new abstraction – layers of narrative combining to make an abstract statement. By combining different categories and shaking them up with a Bowie and punk influence, Newman stamps a unique anti-formalist statement on his painting.