Susan Mabin + Robyn Fleet

29 March – 25 April

‘The reason Pompeii and Herculaneum fascinate is not just the preservation of an entire world in a moment of mass extinction but the uncanny way that the world reflects our own.’ Jonathan Jones.  The Guardian.  26/3/13

The title ‘Memory Theatre’ comes from a well preserved Roman villa that was uncovered from the out skirts of Pompeii which contained approximately 70 rooms, each with elaborate Frescoes and mosaic floors portraying stories from Greek mythology, that is known as ‘The house of the tragic poet.’It is believed that these frescoes also served as memory tools to encourage intelligent conversation.

Humans create monuments to remember people and events, in many cases a memorial to make something appear far grander and greater than it was This small collection of ‘unmonumental’ monuments in this exhibition are not grand, but memorials to everyday humanity, the ordinary, the broken, the contemplative, the thoughtful, the unforgiven, the ruined and the forgettable”. Susan Mabin

“My work is about my process of how I arrive at my images. It is the intention of my work to suggest avenues of emotion and thought, the human experience through sensations of materiality and tactility. I work methodically yet intuitively setting up complicated relationships connecting them through rediscovery of events using archaeological method of scraping, digging, scratching back through a palimpsest surface. In my latest works I have used oil sticks that act as a visual recording of mark marking connecting memory, emotion and feeling to the past present and future”.  Robyn Fleet