Robyn Fleet was born in Hastings in 1974. Having discovered her hunger for travel and cultural experiences, it kept her away for 14 years based mainly in Sydney, Australia and London UK.  Having returned to Hawkes Bay 9 years ago she graduated with a Bachelor of Art and Design from Ideaschool ( Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier New Zealand).  Since 2013 Fleet has exhibited in several public galleries and is currently working on building a small contemporary art school in Hastings with artist Susan Mabin.

In Fleet’s words, “My work is about my process of how I arrive at my images. It is the intention of my work to suggest avenues of emotion and thought, the human experience through sensations of materiality and tactility. I work methodically yet intuitively setting up complicated relationships connecting them through rediscovery of events using archaeological method of scraping, digging, scratching back through a palimpsest surface. In my latest works I have used oil sticks that act as a visual recording of mark marking connecting memory, emotion and feeling to the past present and future.”