Palmerston North based sculptor, Martin Carryer has a fascination with form and a passion for the process of translating that form into his lifelong medium of wood. Martin first delved into woodwork around the age of ten crafting ‘samples’ to demonstrate the beauty in the grain of various timbers. His wood of choice is Maire, extremely dense and a relative of the Olive family. Though he was a farmer in Taranaki and the Manawatu, Martin started making furniture in the 1970s making one off pieces in native timbers. In the last decade he has become increasingly interested in contemporary design and has become progressively experimental.

Twenty years ago he also became involved in work with local bronze sculptor Paul Dibble. Martin began sculpting birds in 2009 developing a style through investigation of the form. He is enchanted by capturing the expression of New Zealand native birds and by the identity associated with birds in our history.