Hawkes Bay artist, Linda Bruce, has been working in the filed of ceramics, sculpture and installation for many years.  Following her completed Diploma in Visual Arts & Design at EIT Hawke’s Bay in 1993, she has continued her work as a unique contemporary ceramic artist, sculptor as well as part-time tutoring at EIT. 

Predominately working in clay her artworks reference the organic and elemental natural environment and the structure of our man-made world. To do this she uses earthy and metal materials to create textural works of multiple components combining ideas, attitudes, form, texture, pattern and colour.

Linda is especially interested in creating works that relate to local environmental issues and express a sense of our time and place which also symbolise the complexities of modern life.
"I investigate the intersections and borders between the handmade and the industrial, the organic and inorganic. Particular focus is on the tactile and transformational properties of materials such as clay and plastic and where they overlap and connect."