Waiheke based, Kiya Nancarrow, was recently a finalist and winner of the People’s Choice Award, in the prestigious 2016 Portage Ceramics Awards, held at Te Uru Gallery in Titirangi. She has an Honours degree in Ceramics from the University of Westminster in London, and diplomas in Core Process Psychotherapy (UK) and Occupational Therapy (NZ). Kiya has exhibited extensively in ceramic and sculpture shows throughout England, Scotland and New Zealand.

“The main inspiration for my work comes from the notion that energy passes through all things in a continuum of movement. Originally this took my interest when training in Buddhist Psychotherapy. There is something reassuring in this sense of continuum, when life seems made up of beginnings, endings, stages, ages… the flow of energy continues. This style of making became the basis of my visual language for exploring what was felt or perceived. The work has become more dynamic and visually expressive over time with new experiences thrown into the mix."

"Clay is a wonderfully responsive material (with a contrary side). I enjoy creating a sense of movement and energy in an otherwise fairly stolid material. I hope the viewer’s eye will flow around the form with little sense of beginning end or interruption. I use stoneware clay with a combination of throwing and hand building. Each piece is made as an individual before being partnered with another to complete the form… some can stand alone. The surface is painted, sprayed with terra sigallatta or underglaze, and then fired to 1100 degrees with outdoor pieces fired to 1260 degrees. All forms are one offs."