Kaye McGarva's paintings have an uncanny ability to draw you in. Although decidedly abstract, the works offer suggestions for more representational readings. The spray paint technique can appear at times to be almost pointillistic, whilst in another work she modulates the spray to a fine mist, achieving a heightened level of realism. Following on from Abstract Expressionism and Op Art, McGarva's work actively addresses the viewer on a subconscious level 

"I describe my work as playing with shadows. A process I developed allows me to capture the shadows that fall across crumpled surfaces, locking them in to a specific moment in time and space. My work seeks to highlight the subjective nature of vision, how what we see is coloured by our previous experience. I am also interested in the physical sensations that can occur when our subconscious registers something looking familiar but strange".

2018 presents some exciting possibilities for the artist with an opportunity to exhibit at the International Interior Design Exhibition in Brussels, November 17 to 25. See here for more details

Born in Hastings, Hawkes Bay 1960, I came to art later in life. Unable to attend art school as a school leaver, I put my creativity into working with food, forging a successful career in the hospitality and baking industries. Early retirement gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of being an artist. I enrolled in a four year degree course in Visual Art & Design, graduating as Top Research Student. I have been a finalist in Award shows including the Molly Morpeth and National Contemporary Art Awards and in 2017 I set up Muse, a contemporary art gallery. I currently divide my time between running the gallery, where I curate and exhibit work by other artists as well as my own, and working in my studio.