Jo Blogg, BAHons (London Guild Hall University) is a practicing artist, part time tutor and mother. Whether taking two months to stick 50,000 grains of rice to a board or painting 100 miniatures in 100 days, her meticulous attention to detail is legendary. Born the daughter of creative parents, she has been an artist her whole life. She works in multiples - often 100, and uses her compulsion and obsessive nature to create pattern, colour, contrast, tone and texture as a vehicle to convey ideas, thoughts and experience.

 “200 DAHLIAS has been a similar process to an episode of a TV programme I use to watch in London - Ready Steady Cook. A couple of celebrity chefs were given fairly random ingredients within a £20.00 budget by members of the audience, the chefs then had to create a dish in a set time-frame to be the ultimate winner. 

I am both chef and audience, my budget is $20.00 and my time is 2months. I give myself 1 - an image of a Dahlia ($2.00 op shop), 2 - sheets of acetate (found in a skip), 3 - a bag of cellophane bags ($3.30 op shop) 4 - an inspirational box with 20 samples of basic crochet patterns, contained in separate transparent paper bags with instructions written in Polish ($10.00 op shop).

 With my time up - I present you with 200 DAHLIAS.   

                                                                                       Jo Blogg Sept 2018