Fiona is a Hawkes Bay born, mixed media artist presently working with small sculpture. She has lived in Wellington, Auckland and London and travelled to Egypt, Africa, America, Europe and South America. Fiona studied Fashion and Design in 1985 at Massey University in Wellington and has been a pattern drafter, freelance designer, business owner with her own fashion label, Fiona Fox Design, supplying six stores throughout New Zealand.  In addition to working in a variety of jobs, including kindergartens, she also studied overseas at the London College of Fashion and later trained under David Jones Marketing, buying and merchandising.

In 2011 she completed an EIT Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design Degree – a stepping stone towards the goal of becoming a teacher – and was top Studio Visual Arts Student in her degree class as well as Valedictorian for her final year. She then trained for a Diploma in Teaching and became a fully qualified teacher in 2015. Fiona currently teaches year 9 – year 13 Fashion and Design Technology at Sacred Heart College. Fiona is passionate about teaching and developing creative intelligence alongside academic intelligence. "Art/play should always be first, then you can learn." She lives with her two boys aged 13 and 17.

All my works aim to encompass the feminine principle as a force that breathes through each piece. The Steel mesh acts as the strength of a woman which never leaves but is often obscure….while the thread is the language from the past, existing in the present, speaking to the future. They are hollow as they seek a presence to poetically reminds us that we are more than our bodies. The sculptural works are an act of notation. I am writing in thread, manifesting a desire to be heard, more than the voice but of the unconscious other that resonates a collective pre-linguistic frequency. This frequency seeks to act as a bridge between science, physics and art, allowing its own language to seep, transcend and explore the sensations of a feminine force.