23 JUNE 2019



Our Charity Art Auction is a new initiative that we hope will become an annual event. This year the proceeds are going to help a struggling local artist, Susan Mabin. There will be an amazing collection of new and pre-loved art up for auction by some of our best known and favourite artists. The work will be on display at the Havelock North Function Centre for two days before hand, followed by an auction on site. Keep an eye on our social media and emails for updates and sneaky peeks. Tickets go on sale in May.

Taking our lead from Netflix tidying guru, Marie Kondo, we are offering the perfect opportunity to declutter your life of art that no longer “sparks joy” for you. Putting it up for auction benefits everyone; you get the satisfaction of supporting a struggling local artist and best of all, the art can be appreciated again. If you have original art in good condition that is languishing at the back of a wardrobe or stashed under a bed we would love to hear from you. Email, or call 06 877 8970 to make a time to view the work and arrange collection.

You may not have seen her work or heard the name of award winning local artist Susan Mabin yet, but hopefully you will one day soon. We believe Susan has the potential to become an artist of significance and whether she does or not could depend on her ability to continue to work this year as a full-time artist. Susan is at a tipping point in her career and financial assistance at this stage could make a huge difference to her future success.

Born and raised in Central Hawkes Bay, Susan left the area to train as a general nurse. She continued to work as a nurse part time over the years whilst bringing up a family and then while studying art. After her graduation from Eastern Institute of Technology in 2018, having completed a Master of Professional Creative Practice with distinction, Susan left nursing to focus on her career and work full-time as an artist. Although gaining recognition from the prestigious awards she has acquired over the years, she has been struggling to pay the rent on her studio and recently had to move her workspace to a friend’s garage, seriously restricting her ability to work.

What makes Susan unique is she works successfully in so many different media: installation, sculpture, painting and photography. Her work shows us the internal emotional states of being human as well as current external impacts on the environment. Through her art Susan makes a valuable contribution to society in general, and Hawke’s Bay in particular. In 2015 Susan completed a two month residency in Iceland where her attention was drawn to found materials and the environment. Once back in New Zealand she produced an installation at the Hastings City Art Gallery based on that experience. Susan has continued to work with found materials, gathering and documenting materials from Waitangi Regional Park in Hawkes Bay, gaining a local perspective on a global environmental issue.

Susan Mabin standing in front of her portrait selected for the 2018 Adam Portrait Award

Susan Mabin standing in front of her portrait selected for the 2018 Adam Portrait Award

To be the recipient of the fund that Muse Art Gallery is proposing to create would enable me to continue to practice full time as an artist and take away that gut gnawing, wake-you-up-at-3 am, worry about money. This would put me in a better position to pursue my art career and the energy to push it forward to another level.

Susan obtained a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at Ideaschool, EIT in 2014, being awarded the David Fine Scholarship for creative and academic excellence in 2013 and Top Visual Art Student for studio practice in 2014. She was selected for the New Graduates show at Lakehouse Auckland in 2015 and has had work selected for the NZ National Contemporary Art Award in 2016 and 2017, the Adam Portraiture Award, Molly Morpeth 3D Canaday Award and Uku (Contemporary Ceramics) in 2018 and the Molly Morpeth Canaday Painting and Drawing Award in 2019.  She has work in private collections, including The Wallace Arts Trust.  Susan has exhibited at Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition in Hawkes Bay in 2016 and New Zealand Sculpture on Shore at Takapuna Fort, Auckland in 2014 and 2018.  Susan exhibited at the Hastings City Art Gallery in 2018.