What's New

Welcome to 2018! We finished 2017 on a high with the very successful group exhibition, “Playtime”, where 46 artists participated, creating 56 works of art for buyers to choose from, all priced at $300. Opening night was a glorious chaos with red stickers going up so fast by the end of the night almost half had sold. Our exhibition programme for this year is about to kick off with the photographic exhibition by Auckland Artist, Cathy Carter. We are very excited about Carter’s exhibition “Waimarama, Reflecting on Water” 2 - 26 February 2018 , which follows on from her residency here last November and promises to be something very special for the region.

After almost a year of operation, we are still coming up with new ideas about how our gallery can improve our service to you, including setting up a Mobile Art Gallery and establishing an art appreciation group, Muse Art Club (M.A.C).

We've had feedback suggesting a number of you are interested in knowing more about contemporary art, and how to go about art collecting. While we don’t pretend to have all the answers, what we do have are resources to help you on this very rewarding journey.  With a stable of talented artists, a dynamic exhibition programme and a database of art lovers, we have put them together and come up with the concept of M.A.C. 

The old Toyota Hilux Ute has been upgraded to a freshly sign written Hyundai iLoad, specifically fitted out as a Mobile Art Gallery, capable of moving large works of art easily and safely. We provide a free art consultancy service in the Hastings and Napier metropolitan area, as well as have Jonathan available to hang your art painlessly and professionally for a reasonable fee.