Cathy Carter Exhibition Opening... Against The odds!

Plan A was for us to pick up all Cathy Carter's large framed photographic work from Auckland on Saturday and drive carefully back to Hawkes Bay with them so they could be hung as part of our Winter Series, the following Wednesday evening. The first snag we hit was they were too big for our SUV, so some pieces had to be left behind to go by courier the following Monday. Plan B was foiled by the courier not able to deliver to Hawkes Bay in time, so Cathy's husband, Paul, drove down Monday morning to deliver the rest in person.

Once we had the photographs in the gallery instead of choosing two or three to hang, the decision was made on the spot to show them all. Suddenly we had full on exhibition opening to organise... invites to go out, speeches to write! Paul flew back to Auckland that night and left his car at the airport as part of Plan C... Cathy to arrive in Hawkes Bay a few days later, an hour before the opening.  Unfortunately, the universe had one more trick up its sleeve... Cathy's flight was delayed meaning she arrived at the gallery, stressed and anxious half an hour after the 5pm start time. Thankfully it all turned out well in the end and after a glass of wine, a chat with old friends, the speeches were made and we were able to laugh about the trials and tribulations we faced getting there!