Kathy Barber Floor Talk

We were delighted to have Kathy Barber come talk to us on Saturday afternoon. We had a great response from the arts community to come and listen to her over a glass of wine along with delicious cheese and a special mention on the brownies (again).

It was interesting to hear Kathy comment about how many times people go into a gallery have a quick look around and walk out again without actually taking anything away with them. They simply fail just to stop and shift their focus, even for a moment, to think about a work and absorb something new.  This is very much the key message of the group show SHIFT.

Kathy's style is unique and has developed over 20 years of painting. Her past trips to Japan have had a huge influence on her work. She was able to clearly describe intricate detail on individual pieces on display and how the cultural and visual stimulation of each location she had visited had inspired her. She also paints on linen as a preference over canvas which adds to the beauty and quality of her work produced. 

In true rock star fashion she was whisked away to the airport to return to her life in Auckland as soon as her talk was completed. As it was her first visit to Havelock North we are sure she will be back! Kathy is off to Japan again this month and we look forward to seeing future works once she has had time to simply reflect on her experiences once again.