Shift Opening Night

Lorraine Rastorfer made the trip from Wellington to be the guest of honour for the opening night's celebrations SHIFT exhibition. It was a stormy night but the local Hawkes Bay community didn't seem to let the weather put a dampener things. We all thoroughly enjoyed her company and below is an extract from Lorraine's speech:

"Being an artist and making art is hard work, the search for purpose and meaning is fraught with every kind of challenge; visual, conceptual, physical, and personal, enormous energy is required in the synthesis of all those things. So why do we do it? I have borrowed some words from the writer Jeanette Winterson to say a few things about the importance of art: We sense that life has an inside as well as an outside—that our imagination, dreams, ideas, are all invisible until we give them some visible form. We create so that other people can see the invisible. The strange experience we call art is how we bridge the gap between the material and the non-material. Between the everyday life of busyness and doing, and the inner life, so personal, so necessary. Art is always about the human condition. The Who Am I? What am I? And always about the essential creativity of human beings. Art is nothing if we can’t feel it. It is that meditative space. Sometimes an object—but essentially an experience. You can buy it, but actually it is what can’t be bought."