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Welcome to 2018! We finished 2017 on a high with the very successful group exhibition, “Playtime”, where 46 artists participated, creating 56 works of art for buyers to choose from, all priced at $300. Opening night was a glorious chaos with red stickers going up so fast by the end of the night almost half had sold. Our exhibition programme for this year is about to kick off with the photographic exhibition by Auckland Artist, Cathy Carter. We are very excited about Carter’s exhibition “Waimarama, Reflecting on Water” 2 - 26 February 2018 , which follows on from her residency here last November and promises to be something very special for the region.

After almost a year of operation, we are still coming up with new ideas about how our gallery can improve our service to you, including setting up a Mobile Art Gallery and establishing an art appreciation group, Muse Art Club (M.A.C).

We've had feedback suggesting a number of you are interested in knowing more about contemporary art, and how to go about art collecting. While we don’t pretend to have all the answers, what we do have are resources to help you on this very rewarding journey.  With a stable of talented artists, a dynamic exhibition programme and a database of art lovers, we have put them together and come up with the concept of M.A.C. 

The old Toyota Hilux Ute has been upgraded to a freshly sign written Hyundai iLoad, specifically fitted out as a Mobile Art Gallery, capable of moving large works of art easily and safely. We provide a free art consultancy service in the Hastings and Napier metropolitan area, as well as have Jonathan available to hang your art painlessly and professionally for a reasonable fee.


Colour Sense: Exhibition Opening

Colour Sense launched on 12th October with Trish Campbell coming down for the opening from Auckland. The exhibition is a group show also including artists Tyler Jackson, Kaye McGarva, and Fraser Chatham who explore the vagaries of colour through sculpture, paint, light and photography. 

The light boxes by Trish Campbell are simply stunning....especially after the sun went down!

Exhibition on until 15th November.

Adrian Jackman Exhibition Opening

We were delighted to have Adrian Jackman attend the opening of his show Still Life with Landscape accompanied by his wife and daughter. Adrian was very engaging and talked in depth with a range of individuals which gave them insight into his geometric abstract work.  Everyone keenly studied each painting to find the images created by the white lines hidden within each work. The palette of colours is also interestingly made up of the last 3 years most popular Pantone colours. 

Read Jess Souter Barron's review of the show for The Hook:


Cathy Carter Exhibition Opening... Against The odds!

Plan A was for us to pick up all Cathy Carter's large framed photographic work from Auckland on Saturday and drive carefully back to Hawkes Bay with them so they could be hung as part of our Winter Series, the following Wednesday evening. The first snag we hit was they were too big for our SUV, so some pieces had to be left behind to go by courier the following Monday. Plan B was foiled by the courier not able to deliver to Hawkes Bay in time, so Cathy's husband, Paul, drove down Monday morning to deliver the rest in person.

Once we had the photographs in the gallery instead of choosing two or three to hang, the decision was made on the spot to show them all. Suddenly we had full on exhibition opening to organise... invites to go out, speeches to write! Paul flew back to Auckland that night and left his car at the airport as part of Plan C... Cathy to arrive in Hawkes Bay a few days later, an hour before the opening.  Unfortunately, the universe had one more trick up its sleeve... Cathy's flight was delayed meaning she arrived at the gallery, stressed and anxious half an hour after the 5pm start time. Thankfully it all turned out well in the end and after a glass of wine, a chat with old friends, the speeches were made and we were able to laugh about the trials and tribulations we faced getting there!  


HNBA Meet & Greet Evening

Muse was delighted to jointly host with our neighbour Annabelle's the Love Havelock North Business Association's Meet & Greet function on Thursday night. The evening was well organised by Milton Andrews and Jane Mackersey. They shared the latest events the Business Association is involved with in the village. Pitsch Leiser also updated everyone on the up and coming Harcourts Hawke's Bay Arts Festival.

Kaye McGarva embraced the opportunity to welcome the many local business owners into our gallery to learn more what we are all about. Muse also officially launched on the night our Art Leasing solutions for residential or commercial clients. Special thanks to John Miles for sharing the Cine Clip of the evening's event online (click image below)

If you have trouble viewing video please click here 

Kathy Barber Floor Talk

We were delighted to have Kathy Barber come talk to us on Saturday afternoon. We had a great response from the arts community to come and listen to her over a glass of wine along with delicious cheese and a special mention on the brownies (again).

It was interesting to hear Kathy comment about how many times people go into a gallery have a quick look around and walk out again without actually taking anything away with them. They simply fail just to stop and shift their focus, even for a moment, to think about a work and absorb something new.  This is very much the key message of the group show SHIFT.

Kathy's style is unique and has developed over 20 years of painting. Her past trips to Japan have had a huge influence on her work. She was able to clearly describe intricate detail on individual pieces on display and how the cultural and visual stimulation of each location she had visited had inspired her. She also paints on linen as a preference over canvas which adds to the beauty and quality of her work produced. 

In true rock star fashion she was whisked away to the airport to return to her life in Auckland as soon as her talk was completed. As it was her first visit to Havelock North we are sure she will be back! Kathy is off to Japan again this month and we look forward to seeing future works once she has had time to simply reflect on her experiences once again.

Shift Opening Night

Lorraine Rastorfer made the trip from Wellington to be the guest of honour for the opening night's celebrations SHIFT exhibition. It was a stormy night but the local Hawkes Bay community didn't seem to let the weather put a dampener things. We all thoroughly enjoyed her company and below is an extract from Lorraine's speech:

"Being an artist and making art is hard work, the search for purpose and meaning is fraught with every kind of challenge; visual, conceptual, physical, and personal, enormous energy is required in the synthesis of all those things. So why do we do it? I have borrowed some words from the writer Jeanette Winterson to say a few things about the importance of art: We sense that life has an inside as well as an outside—that our imagination, dreams, ideas, are all invisible until we give them some visible form. We create so that other people can see the invisible. The strange experience we call art is how we bridge the gap between the material and the non-material. Between the everyday life of busyness and doing, and the inner life, so personal, so necessary. Art is always about the human condition. The Who Am I? What am I? And always about the essential creativity of human beings. Art is nothing if we can’t feel it. It is that meditative space. Sometimes an object—but essentially an experience. You can buy it, but actually it is what can’t be bought."

Neal Palmer Floor Talk

We had a great response to our first Feature Artist floor talk at Muse, on a damp Saturday afternoon, a total of 23 people turned up to hear Neal Palmer share his story. With chocolate brownies, wine and cheese, the hour long presentation was such a great success we are already planning the next one.

Neal drove down from Auckland on Friday night, arriving in time to visit a wonderful, well attended opening at HCAG as well as another opening across the road. On Saturday we visited Napier to see some of the newly painted murals as part of the Seawalls Project in Napier, stopping for a donut at MrD's then called into three other art galleries before heading back to Havelock North for the floor talk. Neal is leaving today, making his way home to Wanaka. He was really impressed with the vibrant art scene in Hawkes Bay and he has promised to come back next summer for a solo show at Muse.

Opening Night

We are excited to have now opened Muse on Thursday 2 March 2017.  The local support has been overwhelming. We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend or who sent their well wishes if they could not be with us on the night. Muse also extends our thanks to Hastings Deputy Mayor Sandra Hazelhurst for coming along as our official speaker for the event. Here are some images of the evening...