Anna Jepson is a contemporary artist, living and working in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. She has been painting for well over two decades, initially inspired by attending art classes and completing a Fine Arts Diploma in painting and drawing in 2002.

The human form plays a decisive role in Jepson’s work; she enjoys painting on a larger scale with a mixture of mediums, alternating between abstract and realism. Her forms are often classical, set into an abstracted background rendering a sense of harmony, whilst capturing a relationships of space and light, encouraging the viewer to ultimately make their own  interpretation of her work. 

In summer 2016 and 2017 Jepson studied classical portraiture at the Charles H. Cecil Atelier in Florence, where she was taught the techniques of the old  masters.

 Her work was selected for the 1994 Norsewear Art Awards, East 2016 and the 2006 Adams Portraiture Exhibition in Wellington.